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Science and technology have made for great expansion of the poultry industry in recent years. Current world average expansion of egg production is 3 to 4 % annually. Most nutrition programs can be improved by the inclusion of eggs and / or poultry meat. Poultry products are of the highest nutritional quality.
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PPA (Punjab Zone)      Jan 17 2012

Chicken  Live, Broiler Live: Rs.176.00 Cull Birds (live): Rs 92 per kilo
Eggs  Per crate of 30 dzns Rs.3360-05  Retail  115 per Dzn

Pak Poultry

Avg Wholesale Rates of Live Broiler

Eggs (Farm) Per case of 30 dozen (Rs)

Growth of farm brid population in Pak

% share of regions in layer birds prod


International Overview

International Egg and Poultry Review

International Poultry Industry Overview


Pak Poultry Overview

Poultry Industry 2001-2002
Poultry Industry 2002-2003
Poultry Industry 2003-2004

Avian Influenza

Bird Flu in Pakistan

Control Measures and Strategies

Latest information on Avian Influenza


Foot And Mouth Disease

Since Nov. 2002
Since Nov. 2002


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Threat to poultry industry :- Pakissan.com

Threat to poultry industry
The KP government’s ban on exports of poultry products to Afghanistan has added one more to the list of many other problems facing the industry. The poultry industry....................Details
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Restoration of poultry export after bird flu
After nearly waiting for eight long years, Pakistan got a green signal from Saudi Arabia that it would restore the import of poultry products from Pakistan...Details

Modern poultry farms,research centers to be set up in KP
Provincial Minister for Livestock, Dairy Development and Cooperatives, Hidayatullah Khan on Sunday said the government accords high priority to livestock and poultry.........................................................Details

National poultry congress & exhibition-2004
Poultry Industry of Pakistan is making a tremendous contribution in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of meat protein..........................Details

Speech by Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind Minister for Food, Agriculture and Livestock On the Occasion of Poultry Congress 2004
It gives me great pleasure to participate in poultry congress organized by Pakistan Poultry Association.

Recommendations of national poultry congress 2004
Recommendations of national poultry congress 2004 Recommendations through the forum of this prestigious congress.

6th Meeting of Organizing Committee of National Poultry Congress 2004
Meeting held on Friday 02 April 2004, at PPA (Punjab Zone) Secretariat Office, 17-C,1st Floor Chauburji Centre, Lahore. Minutes of the Meeting are submitted as under.




The Incredible Egg
Human beings require a well balanced diet containing proper amount of proximate principles which include proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water to enable them to live and thrive .......Details

Pre –Brooding Management of chicks
All the managemental practices before brooding or before receiving the chicks in other sense various .......Details

Modernization of poultry farming 
Every community in the world is responsible to provide its residents adequate food and guarantee them freedom from .......Details

Coccidiosis In Poultry Can Be Controlled By A Local Vaccine- Claimed
Coccidiosis in one of the major menace for poultry industry causes heavy economic losses world wide. The disease is commonly called as Red.......Details

Permanent Commission For Livestock Sector Proposed: Raja Rafaqat
Bird flu never existed in pakistan; who overreaction to spread of disease in far east caused .....Details

Commercial poultry industry production
The focus of the commercial poultry industry is the production of meat and eggs under intensive husbandry .....Details

The role of imported veterinary medicine and vaccine in the poultry sector
Livestock and Poultry Sector provide food to 140 Million population in the form of Protein-Milk, Meat, Eggs as well as skins and hides for value-added .....Details

Causes and effects of vaccination failure
Since Adam’s birth pathogens and living creatures are to be dagger drawn on each other. To take the bull of infection on right its horn and pay back in .


Misuse of drugs and development of their resistance
Chemotherapy is essential in intensive poultry production all over the world. It has played a significant role in helping to meet the ever growing demands.


Guidelines for Avian Influenza Disease (Bird flu)
Avian influenza is a contagious infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. The disease, which was first identified in Italy .

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