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PPA (Punjab Zone)      Jan 17 2012

Chicken  Live, Broiler Live: Rs.176.00 Cull Birds (live): Rs 92 per kilo
Eggs  Per crate of 30 dzns Rs.3360-05  Retail  115 per Dzn

Pak Poultry

• Avg Wholesale Rates of Live Broiler

• Eggs (Farm) Per case of 30 dozen (Rs)

• Growth of farm brid population in Pak

• % share of regions in layer birds prod


International Overview

• International Egg and Poultry Review

• International Poultry Industry Overview


Pak Poultry Overview

• Poultry Industry 2001-2002
• Poultry Industry 2002-2003
• Poultry Industry 2003-2004

Avian Influenza

• Bird Flu in Pakistan

• Control Measures and Strategies

• Latest information on Avian Influenza


Foot And Mouth Disease

Since Nov. 2002
Since Nov. 2002


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Technical Articles

Developing integrated POULTRY units
Beef and mutton, at present, are selling at prices higher than white meat (Fish and POULTRY). Even then consumption of beef and mutton is increasing because of consumer's food habits .....Details

Coccidiosis In Poultry Can Be Controlled By A Local Vaccine- Claimed 
Coccidiosis in one of the major menace for poultry industry causes heavy economic losses world wide. The disease is commonly called as Red Dysentry (Khuni pachish).
Coccidiosis may be Intestinal or caecal caused by intracellular protozoa, belonging to the genus Eimeria (Phylum Apicomplexa) .

Rinderpest Disease free Pakistan is a target, near to be achieved by the Livestock Department
Livestock in Pakistan inevitably plays a pivotal role in socio-economic life of the rural community .....Details

Poultry Water Supply System
I have been working a poultry farmer for the last 15 years. I used and studied different water supply system for poultry. Every system has .....Details

Introduction to Performance Indicators for Assessing National Epidemio-Surveillance Systems
Epidemiological surveillance is defined as a systematic and continuous collection, analysis and interpretation of animal health data and  .....Details

The role of imported veterinary medicine and vaccine in the poultry sector
Livestock and Poultry Sector provide food to 140 Million population in the form of Protein-Milk, Meat, Eggs as well as skins and hides for value-added .....Details

A Beginner's Guide to Poultry Farming
Contract poultry farming is when a company and a farmer signs a contract to produce broilers, breeders or replacement pullets and commercial .

Guidelines for Avian Influenza Disease (Bird flu)
Avian influenza is a contagious infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. The disease, which was first identified in Italy .

Feeds for poultry
Poultry feeding is one of the important aspect of poultry science. Poultry feeds are of three types .

Water management in poultry
Birds drink water roughly about 2 litres for every kg.of feed at 700F. For each degree of temperature rise about 750F, birds will drink about 4% more .

Processing Equipments
In view of the development of boiler industry the automatic small boiler processing plants to meet the local need and exports norms may be the.

Veterinarian and Poultry Industry
A veterinarian is a person who is concerned with the healthcare of all living beings including the human

Poultry Industry & Poultry Products –Basic for Good Nutrition:
Science and technology have made for great expansion of the poultry industry in recent years. Current world .

Role of Vitamins in Immune Response in Poultry
Vitamins are an essential component of a well-balanced diet and their major function is the metabolism.

Systematic Analysis of Embryo Temperature
A consequence of the ongoing selection of high yield breeds is the increased variability in hatchability of eggs .

Common poultry diseases and their control measures
A This disease is caused by a protozoan parasite of the intestine and can cause very heavy losses in poultry.

Maximum residue limits for poultry
Undesirable compounds, present in relatively small amounts in meat and meat products are referred to as residues. Maximum residue limits (MRLs).

Vaccination Schedule for Broilers
 A hygiene programme is fundamental to successful broiler production. Following control and preventive measure should be taken for healthy broiler production..

Poultry housing systems
Generally four systems of poultry housing followed among the poultry keepers. The type of housing adopted depends to a large extent on the amount of ground..

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