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Hybrid maize seed to be launched today :-Pakissan.com

 Rice exports fetched $1.86bn in last fiscal

Stop ignoring small-scale farmers :- Pakissan.com
 Stop ignoring small-scale farmers
Potential role of agriculture and agro-industry :- Pakissan.com
 Potential role of agriculture and agro-industry
Pakistan earned $1.86 billion by exporting rice in last fiscal year.About 4,262,216 metric tonnes of rice were exported during the period from July-June, 2015-16, according to the data of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. However, rice export witnesses 8.6 percent decrease as its export was recorded at 3,861,406 metric tonnes valuing $2.035 billion in financial year 2014-15.............................FULL STORY
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Although urbanisation is on the rise, around 75 per cent of the world?s poorest people still live in rural areas, and are involved in agricultural activities, which comprise the major source of their livelihoods.The need to pay more attention to small-scale farmers is thus evident. However, in the era of globalisation, contending with problems facing small-scale farmers across the so-called developing world requires cognisance........................FULL STORY
A case is being made in this brief note that developing agriculture and ago-based industry through identification of potential areas and adopting a cluster approach in the proposed corridors provides a prudent investment options and opportunities. The prospects for continued growth.............FULL STORY

Import, supply of water-melon & melon seeds for sowing: sales tax exemption available under Sixth Schedule :Pakissan.com

Recent Reports
Mounting threats from climate change :- Pakissan.com Starved for Energy, Pakistan Braces for a Water Crisis :- Pakissan.com Pakistan?s new climate change ministry merely ?cosmetic? :- Pakissan.com
Mounting threats from climate change Starved for Energy, Pakistan Braces for Pakistan?s new climate change ministry
 Farmer's Weather


Temp in Co



Temp Outlook Hum% Temp


Multan 19-29 M Cloudy 78 11-26 P Cloudy
Sialkot 16-24 M Cloudy 82 16-22 Showers
Sargodha 17-26 M Cloudy 80 13-24 Cloudy
Hyderabad 19-34 P Cloudy 43 13-29 P Cloudy
Mardan 16-24 Showers 81 13-23 Rain

    Agromet Farmer Weather; a collaboration of PMD and Pakissan Pakissan Agri Professionals and Institutes Network  


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Towards agricultural mechanisation
The Future of Agriculture May Be Up
Floriculture in Pakistan
How corporate farming impacts the Env
USDA, the United Nations, and Pakistan
About Egyptian Cotton
Growing okra in coastal areas
1  Issues & Analysis

Mounting threats from climate change
Starved for Energy, Pakistan Braces for......
Pakistan?s new climate change ministry
Energy solutions and climate change
Adapting to climate change
On saving forests?Ownership brings..........
Bane of agricultural sector
1  Technical Articles

Biofuels are not a green alternative to fossil
GM crops could put food security goal.....
GM crops criticism unscientific
Ancient agricultural traditions like seed
Big Agri Antibiotic-resistant super-bugs
Challenges to Biotechnology in Pakistan
Biochar: A farmer friendly organic compound



 Pakistan Agric Overview  

Fruit exports up despite low output
Ensuring the success of agriculture
Pulses output down, imports up
Agriculture lands being drastically reduced
Making land titles tangible collateral
Fodder Crops & Weeds Eradication Tech
Preparing for a challenge
Uneven agriculture credit distribution

1  New Agri-Tech

Proceedings International Workshop on ICT
New Role of Sulfuric Acid In Production
Dry seeded rice technology
New technology stressed to boost agri
Research on new rice variety
The new horizons of energy
A new method of rice farming
1  Status & Update

Poultry Market Rates
Daily New York Cotton Rates
Market Price from major grains markets
Multan Grain Market
Cotton Spot Rates
Lahore Grain Market
Special Reports by FAS, United states
1  Pakissan Fourm

Agriculture in Pakistan
Software for farmers
Risks to rice crop, exports
Middleast Agri Market
Algifol results
PM urged to ban tomato
Wheat Shortage

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