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Germany offers cooperation in renewable energy  :-Pakissan.com

Germany offers cooperation in renewable energy

Threats of Untreated Wastewater Irrigation to Vegetable Crops in Pakistan:-Pakissan.com
Threats of Untreated Wastewater Irrigation to Vegetable Crops in Pakistan
What went wrong with corporate farming?:-Pakissan.com
What went wrong with corpo- rate farming?
Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan Dr Cyrill Jean Nunn has said that renewable energy sources can help Pakistan cope with challenges of soaring energy needs.Being world leader in this sector, Germany could extend cooperation to Pakistan......FULL STORY
1Ginning factories remained closed for the second day and ginners did not buy the "Phutti"(raw-cotton) from the farmers as per decision of the general body of PCGA
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The Pakistanís population has increased from 65 to 161 million over the past 3 decades and is forecast to increase to 234 million by 2025. Due to population explosion, rural development, based around productivity gains in food and livestock production, is important to food security and crucial to poverty.........FULL STORY
Hi-tech systems offer tractors that operate without drivers No one is denying that technology is changing the face of the world. Tomorrow's technology will bring.........FULL STORY

Speakers want food security plan for rural population :Pakissan.com

Recent Reports
Child labour in cotton growing districts of Pakistan:-Pakissan.com Threat to irrigation system:-Pakissan.com Threat to irrigation system:-Pakissan.com
Child labour in cotton growing districts Karachi has a lot on its plate, but it is still food Threat to irrigation system
 Farmer's Weather


Temp in Co



Temp Outlook Hum% Temp


Multan 19-29 Sunny 51 19-29 M Sunny
Sialkot 14-27 Sunny 50 13-28 Sunny
Sargodha 15-26 Sunny 38 14-27 Sunny
Hyderabad 25-31 Cloudy 39 21-27 Cloudy
Mardan 13-24 Sunny 64 12-28 P Cloudy

    Agromet Farmer Weather; a collaboration of PMD and Pakissan Pakissan Agri Professionals and Institutes Network  


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Towards agricultural mechanisation
The Future of Agriculture May Be Up
Floriculture in Pakistan
How corporate farming impacts the Env
USDA, the United Nations, and Pakistan
About Egyptian Cotton
Growing okra in coastal areas
1  Issues & Analysis

Child labour in cotton growing districts
Karachi has a lot on its plate, but it is still......
Threat to irrigation system
Poor farmers vital for overcoming hunger
How to control floods
Poor grain storage infrastructure
The climate challenge
1  Technical Articles

GM crops could put food security goal.....
GM crops criticism unscientific
Ancient agricultural traditions like seed
Big Agri Antibiotic-resistant super-bugs
Challenges to Biotechnology in Pakistan
Biochar: A farmer friendly organic compound
Plant genetic engineering is in progress



 Pakistan Agric Overview  

World losing 2,000 hectares of farm soil....
The economics of irrigation
Canola Cultivation in Arid Area
Role of Wheat in Worldwide Agriculture
KP draft bill to protect plant breeder rights
Mango Export from Pakistan and WTO
Knowledge and agriculture
Rice following bearish trend

1  New Agri-Tech

Proceedings International Workshop on ICT
New Role of Sulfuric Acid In Production
Dry seeded rice technology
New technology stressed to boost agri
Research on new rice variety
The new horizons of energy
A new method of rice farming
1  Status & Update

Poultry Market Rates
Daily New York Cotton Rates
Market Price from major grains markets
Multan Grain Market
Cotton Spot Rates
Lahore Grain Market
Special Reports by FAS, United states
1  Pakissan Fourm

Agriculture in Pakistan
Software for farmers
Risks to rice crop, exports
Middleast Agri Market
Algifol results
PM urged to ban tomato
Wheat Shortage

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