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Digital Divide and Pakistan Agriculture sector

Digital Divide Basics
There has always been a gap between those people and communities who can make effective use of information technology and those who cannot. Now, more than ever, unequal adoption of technology excludes many from reaping the fruits of the economy.

The term "digital divide" to refer to this gap between those who can effectively use new information and communication tools, such as the Internet, and those who cannot. While a consensus does not exist on the extent of the divide (and whether the divide is growing or narrowing), researchers are nearly unanimous in acknowledging that some sort of divide exists at this point in time.

In countries like Pakistan where citizens still struggle for reliable sources of food,

Pakissan iVAN to travel inroads to the farmer
A customized Internet Van will visit the farmers in the farms and expose them to the Internet, take their feedback and provide basic internet training.

 water, medical care and educational opportunity, bridging the digital divide may seem like a lofty goal indeed. Information and communication technologies will never be a magic bullet that eliminates the need for sound developmental investments, but they can serve as a crucial factor, enabling NGOs, governments and individual citizens to improve the quality of life at home and abroad.

what is the digital divide?
Simply put, "the digital divide" means that between countries and between different groups of people within countries, there is a wide division between those who have real access to information and communications technology and are using it effectively, and those who don't.

Since information and communications technologies (ICTs) are increasingly becoming a foundation of our societies and economies, the digital divide means that the "information have-nots" are denied the option to participate in new ICT jobs, in e-government, in ICTs improved healthcare, and in ICT enhanced education.

More often than not, the "information have-nots" are in developing countries, and in disadvantaged groups within countries. To some, the digital divide is thus a lost opportunity -- the opportunity for the information "have-nots" to use ICTs to improve their lives.

This special report explains the dynamics of digital divide and Efforts to bridge it in different parts of the world.. the relevance to Pakistan and specially Agriculture sector.

A different digital divide in agricultural e-commerce?
Whether individual agricultural producers will have full access to e-commerce technology is a question of technology development and control, not one of access to computers and the Internet.

IT Revolution & the Digital Divide in Pakistan
The information revolution makes it possible for all to industrialize and develop quickly. With Governments providing a thrust without trying to control, the deprived sections of the society can also become part of this economic activity.

Developing e-villages ?
The Internet facility is spreading in Pakistanís rural areas in a significant way as 432 cities and towns have been equipped with this facility instead of 39 within just eight months and the target for the current year is to equip almost 700 city and towns.

Connecting with the Unconnected
This framework for evaluating the impacts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with Internet connectivity on rural communities represents an attempt to address the shortcomings of previous ICT evaluations.

International Efforts
In countries where citizens still struggle for reliable sources of food, water, medical care and educational opportunity, bridging the digital divide may seem like a lofty goal indeed.

Low-Cost Computers for the People
From a communications-saturated vantage point here in North America, sometimes it's easy to forget that the majority of the world's population has never made a telephone call, let alone used the Internet. In many developing countries, the very cost of a computer can amount to more than the average worker's annual salary.

Universities playing critical role in Breaking Down Digital Divide with Innovative Programs
Washington State University is helping rural and low-income state residents bridge the digital divide with a number of innovative programs run by WSU extension offices, Bill Gillis, director for the WSU Center to Bridge the Digital Divide, said Wednesday.

WRI Conference Explores New Businesses to Transform Global Digital Divide into Dividends

Spanning the Digital Divide: Understanding and Tackling the IssuesOn the Ground Initiatives in the Developing World

High - Tech Harvest
The days of farmers sitting around the country store swapping yarns and seat-of-the-pants predictions for the growing season are long gone. Oh, the farmers still talk and spin yarns, but mostly through e-mail and Internet chat sessions.

Global Information Infrastructure: 
The Rural Challenge

In 1984, the International Telecommunication Union's Maitland Commission noted that telecommunications was a "missing link" in much of the developing world. A decade later, policy makers were calling for a "global information infrastructure" that would link everyone into a worldwide network, or more likely, network of networks.

International seminar on digital divide
ISLAMABAD - Pakistani Minister for Science and Technology Attaur Rehman on Thursday inaugurated an international seminar on digital divide here at COMSTECH secretariat. 

Delegates from different OIC member countries participated in the seminar to deliberate upon ways and means to promote mutual cooperation in the scientific field of digital divide.

Jafar Milimonfared, who is Deputy of Iranian Science and Technology Ministry, headed the delegates from Iran during the digital divide seminar.

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