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Although lint prices started to move higher immediately after Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) began its procurement operations late last week, it seems to have now started to flatter due to falling world cotton prices. According to market reports, the TCP has so far entered into purchase contracts for around 250,000 bales of quality lint from ginners. The TCP operations did initially helped cotton prices to stabilise but now influenced by falling world prices once again came under pressure.
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Pests & Farm Chemicals

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Area and Production of Cotton in Pakistan
Cotton Map Pakistan
Cotton Imports Forecast a Record High in 2003/04

The KCA Official Spot Rate for Local Dealings in Pak Rupees. Jan 17 2012

Rate for

Ex-Gin Price


37.32 Kg 5,350 5,630
40 Kg 5,734 6,024

World Over View

World Cotton Stocks Projected Lowest in 9 Years

Production Constrained in 2003/04


World & US

World and U.S. Cotton Situation and Outlook

World Production and Trade Rising in 2003/04 


Analysis Report

q Prospects of bumper new crop further  depress cotton prices
q Panicky sellers surrender to cotton buyers
q World cotton and textile prices drift on bumper crop reports






Producing cotton sustainably

Producing cotton sustainably
Pakistan, the fifth largest global cotton grower and third largest exporter of raw cotton, is among the major growers of cotton in the world. Today, Pakistan is one of the largest exporters......Details
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Cotton Crop
Restoring cotton standardisation fee
Sindh has opposed the levying of the cotton stand- ardisation fee without the payment of premium to cotton producers and ginners. The cotton standardisation fee was proposed ........Details

About Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian cotton is a strategic crop with a rich history as it is considered the main pillar for Egyptian national economy along the years, moreover it is a strong competitor................................Details

The Role of Cotton in Pakistan
Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of cotton in the world, the third largest exporter of raw cotton, the fourth largest consumer of cotton..........Details

Cotton production technology  
Recommended Approved Varieties, Land Preparation, Sowing methods, Plant population, Seed Rate, Sowing Time, Irrigation, Fertilizers, Weed Control, Protection Technology.....Details

Trends And Descriptions (Cotton)
Cotton is an oil crop, though grown mainly for its fiber. The fiber consists of long, fine, flattened and convoluted hairs called ‘lint’, which can be detached...... Details

Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common-sense method that builds on practices that farmers have used for centuries, for example........ Details

Cotton Export (Goods)
Pakistan's Cotton bags are made of 100% cotton cloths in different sizes. The products include shopping hags in grey, bleached............. Details

Cotton crop estimate lower than targeted
PAKISTAN is going to miss its cotton target for the fifth consecutive year this season. Islamabad has revised its production estimate.........Details

Cotton sowing in doldrums

COTTON sowing in southern Punjab is facing multiple problems and is still stuck to around eight per cent mark even in mid-May. The ideal sowing time, which is May for the .........Details

Barriers in the textile exports

For about three dozen top groups, textiles still offers a lot of business prospects despite difficulties. But for many industrialists and traders, textile has become a losing .........Details

3 Million cotton bales shortfall fears

The single crop country has again been facing a great threat of shortage of three million bales of Phuthi in the current Kharif crop season which is almost 30pc less from .........Details

Why cotton is a problematic crop?
COTTON, which is also known as ‘white gold’, is an important crop in many developing countries. The yield of the crop is dependent upon the environment in which it is grown ...

Cotton and Textile Vision 2025 
In facing the present challenges and preparing for the future changes- the pictures of cotton production and textile value- addition in Pakistan ...

Improving cotton yield 
COTTON is an important cash crop and lifeline of textile industry. It accounts for 8.2 per cent of the value-added in the agriculture sector and about two per cent to GDP, adds over $2.8 b.

Cotton has comparative advantage in WTO regime  
The importance of cotton can hardly be over emphasized in the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the ancient homes of cultivated cotton, 4th largest producer of cotton

Falling export of textile products
THE textile industry has been hit by falling export trend. Most of the exporters seem to be nervous which has raised alarm bells for the country’s economic managers

Grading and marketing of wool
WOOL is the most misunderstood and abused part of the sheep in Pakistan. The desire of wool as a fabric has made its production at an all-time high level. However, Pakistani sheep producers do not share the benefits of its popularity.

Boll worm problem in Sindh
In Sindh the wheat production target of 2.256 million tons has been fixed for 2004-2005.

Who will buy the short cotton crop idea? 

Whether the current crop is short, or the mill demand has risen manifold, is a question being debated in cotton circles for the last couple of weeks, .....Details


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