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The science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants. Agriculture plays an important role in Pakistan's economy contributing 25% to GDP, employs 44% work force of country. With in agriculture the horticulture is an important sector, production of fruits 6.2 mtons, vegetables 5.0 mtons, citrus 2.0 mtons, mangoes 1.0 mtons, dates 0.63 mtons and apples 0.4 mtons.Total exports of fruits and vegetables for 120435000 US$ and quantity 471693tons.
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Mango: (Mangifera indica L Family Anacardiaceae) is the second major fruit crop in Pakistan. At present it is grown on an area of 93.42 thousand hectares with production 915.7 thousand tonnes

Citrus: Pakistan is the 6th largest producer of Kinow & Oranges in the world, with 2.1 million tons. 95 % of the total Kinow produced all over the world is grown in Pakistan.
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Onion: Onion is one of the important condiments widely used in all households. The green leaves and and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegetables.
Potato: Total annual domestic production amounts to around 1.8 Million MT, of which 280000 MT is used as seed and 1.8 Million MT is available for consumption.



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  The new garden site is, presumably already inhabited by a variety or scrub and weeds and these need to be removed before the work of creating an ‘Edible Garden’ can begin. Therefore, the ground should be dug as usual, only this once I promise, and as many perennial shrubs and weeds removed as possible.   This section generates under kind supervision of;

-Ms. Zahrah Nasir

-Imran Kasana
  Marigold poor man's saffron:
Marigold, calendula officinalis, with its pale-green leaves and golden orange flowers, is a familiar sight in spring in homes and in grandens. It belongs to family compositae. The botanical name comes from the latin clendae, meaning the first day of the month. What is not known, is Its value in cookery and medicine.......Details

Bougainvillea: A potential ornamental plant

Bougainvillea: A potential ornamental plant
Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd) belongs to the family Nyctagin- aceae, which is composed of 30 genera and 300 species but in Pakistan only 5 genera and 11 species are present.It is native to South America (Brazil) and south of southern Argentina.
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Existing germplasm of ber in Punjab
 Ber (Zyzyphus mauritiana) is called apple of desert and is considered king of all arid fruits. It belongs to Family Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn Family) consisting of more than 170 species distributed throughout
..... Detail

Seedlessness In Fruits And Wto Regimes
Agriculture being the lynchpin of Pakistan’s economy needs special attention in this regard and improvement in any area of this sector affects the economy substantially. Seedlessness is a highly
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Horticulture exports may fetch up to $7 billion
Sweet oranges, blood oranges, sour oranges, mandarins, lemons, mediterranean lemons, limettas, limes, grapefruits, kumquats and citrons are world known members of a fruit genus citrus
..... Detail

Fruit production in Balochistan
WITH four agro-ecological zones, Balochistan is endowed with a unique environment for the production of a great variety of quality fruits. The province is known as the fruit-basket of the
..... Detail

Saving mango from mealy bug
THE mealy bug is one of the most damaging insect pests severely attacking mango crops throughout the Subcontinent. The insect lays eggs on soil close to mango trees. The hatching of eggs
..... Detail

Canker a serious threat to citrus fruits
CITRUS stands as the second most important fruit worldwide after grapes in terms of area and production. Although citrus is very popular, its present status is threatened by a number
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cope of olive cultivation in Pakistan
There is a lot of potential for olive cultivation in Pakistan. The estimates have revealed that if eight million wild olive trees present in different provinces are grafted and converted into the productive olive
..... Detail

Value addition in floriculture
VALUE-added floriculture is a process of increasing the economic value and consumer appeal of any floricultural commodity.It is increasing the value and appeal of any floriculture product or commodity through ..... Detail

Skills for producing quality mango
PLANT protection is essential to enhance agriculture output and to improve quality of crop produce. The government has placed plant protection, integrated pest management and disease control on high priority.

Chitral — the potential hub of temperate fruits
Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Board (PHDEB) was established in August 2002 as an autonomous body under the ministry of commerce to vitalise the horticulture sector...Details

Onion diseases and IPDM
Onion is an important bulb vegetable crop, commercially grown in many countries of the world including Pakistan. Onion is being used as a raw and given protection to human beings from sun stroke, normally is consumed green as well as in mature stages almost by every one (poor as well as rich people), by different mean.........Details

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