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BRI states reject West’s China ‘debt trap’ theory

BEIJING   –    Paki­stan and other member countries of Belt and Road Initiative have rejected the West’s conspiracy theory of China’s ‘debt trap’, says Chinese media.

According to China Eco­nomic Net’s report, as the trade war between China and the US escalates, US Secretary of State Pompeo has been busy fanning the flames among its allies, pressuring and intimidat­ing, and even rushing to the North Pole to spread ru­mours and fear.

At a recent meeting of the Arctic Council, he accused Chi­na and Russia of being “ag­gressive” in the Arctic region, saying that China’s rise would plunge the Arctic countries into a “debt and corruption crisis” and that some coun­tries were forced to accept “poor infrastructure”. With the continuous progress of the China-proposed BRI, the slan­der about China’s debt and the fallacy about China’s fund are endless.

As is known to all, infra­structure construction is an important way to solve the current development bot­tleneck in many countries.

It is not just developing countries that need to im­prove their infrastructure construction. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 28% of major urban roads in the United States are sub-opti­mal or inferior, and by 2025, roads, highways, bridges, water systems, schools and transport systems will cost a total of 4.59 trillion dollars to renovate and build.