Precision Farming

Precision Farming Market Increasing investment in agriculture technology up to 2024

The high precision positioning systems led the precision farming market in 2016 due to the primary application of GPS and GNSS systems in precision farming solutions. These technologies serve as a basis for the functioning of precision farm systems and devices to determine and process location-based data. Moreover, increasing adoption of the technology for providing auto-guidance for harvesters and tractors to efficiently maintain distance for adjacent passes and to improve machine control is also driving the precision agriculture market growth.

The adoption of the remote sensing technology is estimated to grow during the forecast period due to growing use of remote sensing images acquired by sensors mounted on agricultural machinery and vehicles to measure the light, radiation, and heat condition in the field. Furthermore, increasing adoption of drones and miniature electronic devices also plays a vital role in the growth of the precision farming market.

Yield monitoring is estimated to account for major share in the digital farming market owing to widespread adoption of precision farming solutions by producers for optimal planning and management of crop. These solutions enable producers to plan input requirements to achieve optimal yield. Furthermore, the requirement of real time data information during the harvesting and requirement of historical spatial database is augmenting the demand for the yield monitoring technology.

Precision Farming Market, By Technology
o High precision positioning systems (GNSS and GPS)
o Geomapping
o Remote sensing
o Integrated electronic communication

Precision Farming Market, By Application
o Weather monitoring
o Yield monitoring
o Field mapping
o Irrigation management
o Waste management
o Financial management


Sofiya Mundhe

Sofiya Mundhe

Project Manager at Tata Consultancy Services