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7 agri, livestock projects worth Rs4.20b approved for erstwhile Fata

PESHAWAR : The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has approved seven gigantic projects worth Rs4.20 billion to promote agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors in erstwhile Fata.

An Official of Agriculture and Livestock Department told APP on Sunday that 10 new projects focusing on enhancement of meat and milk production, water conservation, livestock and dairy development have been prepared after consultation with all stakeholders to alleviate poverty and generate employment opportunities for the tribesmen. Out of these projects, seven were approved by the competent forum on which around Rs4. 20billion would be spent during current fiscal year.

The Government has expedited work on Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) 2019-20 by approving four mega projects for which Rs665 million have been already released.

Similarly, PC-1 of the two gigantic projects worth Rs12 billion has been prepared and was being sent to concerned forum for approval. The department has achieved 92% success in the allotted targets pertaining to development and provision of services to people. As per the department’s report for financial year 2019-20, PC-1 of the 15 new projects have been developed out of which approval of 14 projects including 11 Public Sector Development Projects(PSDP) worth Rs 44 billion were taken and funds of 10 projects have been already released.

These PSDP and ADP funded projects include bringing improvements in watercourses at national level, protection of water resources in rainy areas, construction of small and medium dams, production of wheat, rice, oil, protection of calves, fattening of animals and promotion of trout fish farming in the province including merged areas.

Agriculture programs worth Rs1970million has been developed under AIP for erstwhile Fata with main focus on enhancement of crops’ productivity, producing of virus free seeds, solarisation of tube-wells and building of small dams to bring its vast areas under agriculture cover.

The programs developed under AIP include Integrated Agricultural Development Program (IADP) worth Rs750 million, merged areas’ contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Agriculture Emergency Program (NAEP) with a proposed allocation of Rs 640 million, construction of small check dams and watercourses with a hefty amount of Rs580 million for the current fiscal year. Under IADP, an inclusive program for production of virus free seeds would be launched in Kurrum and Orakzai tribal districts on which approximately Rs180 million would be spent during 2019-20.

Similarly, work on 11 agriculture disciplines would be initiated under integrated agriculture devoloping program primarily focusing on construction of around 32,000 watercourses, building of small check dams for prevention of water’s wastage and soil erosion, strengthening of poultry farming and solarization of tube wells. Behavioral science based adaptation for production of high value horticultural crops would be initiated to promote horticulture and flower industries. The Government would spend around Rs350 million on this project during current financial year.

Rs 220 million have been proposed for land reclamation and solarisation of agriculture tube wells during current financial year. Under the Prime Minister’s National Agriculture Emergency Program, focus would be made on areas’ enhancement for bolstering crops productivity specifically for oilseed such as sunflower, mustard and groundnut fod which Rs120million were proposed. Similarly, Rs120 million would be spent on crop productivity’s enhancement of areas especially for pulses in merged areas.

Conservation of land and construction of watercourses would enhance per acre production through enhanced irrigation network costing Rs270 million. To prevent canals water from wastage, Rs330 million would be spent on construction of small check dams and rainwater harvesting. At least, 32,000 watercourses would be constructed during next four years in KP.

Irigation water has been released in the main canal of Gomal Zam Dam in South Waziristan tribal district with the capacity to irrigate 100,000 acres land in southern districts of KP. Work on the dam’s second canal has been expedited following completion would irrigate additional one lakh acres barren and infertile land in KP.

The official said about Rs13 billion would be spent on water conservation programs during next four years in the province.

As many as 10 cattle markets would be constructed in different districts with an estimated cost of Rs200 million besides establishment of livestock research and development facilities worth Rs100 million during current fiscal year. Likewise, Rs 500 million would be spent on establishment of small scale livestock farms and integrated livestock development programs. Moreover, 300 million were proposed for enhancement of livestock productivity to cater people’s food requirements.