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Fish production exceeds 3,200 tons per annum in KP

PESHAWAR  –   Fish production in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has exceeded 3,200 tons per annum owing to construction of new fish hatcheries and fish farms during the tenure of PTI government to provide quality food to ever growing population.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is blessed with both cold and warm water resources, is offering immense opportunities for fish farming comprising 6,100 kilometers of rivers and streams, 6,400 hectares of natural lakes and 54,600 hectares of dams and reservoirs, an official of Fisheries Department KP told APP on Friday.

“The province has around 1,130 acres area under fish farms and hatcheries where its production has exceeded 3,200 tons per annum following establishment of 38 new Carps and 56 Trout fish farms during last few years in the province,” he said.

PTI government has established 28 fish farms in different districts besides provision of 834,800 fish stocking of fry and finger lings (small fish) to farmers during last five months in different districts of the province.

Replenishment of 40,000 fish seeds from government hatcheries in public water bodies and establishment of 17 model fish farms including conservation of trout fish in Hazara and Malakand divisions are planned.

Trout villages in Malakand and Hazara divisions would be setup due to its better climate conditions and water resources for conservation and breeding of this precious aquatic resource on scientific lines.

Construction of model fish farms for conservation and breeding of endangered ‘Mah Sher’ fish were also planned.

Trout excellence centres, hatcheries and biodiversity farms would be setup in merged tribal districts to tap its rich potential and ideal climate conditions.

A model hatchery in Swabi would be setup from where fish seeds would be provided to farmers, fishermen and people of nearby districts. This hatchery will help fish replenishment of Tarbela and Khanpur dams besides compilation of private fish farms inventory.

The department under agriculture policy 2018-25, is focusing on building of capacity of agriculture, livestock and fish farmers to explore new market avenues for trade enhancement and fetching better market prices.

Establishment of quality control, certification and traceability of agriculture, livestock and fish commodities, promotion of climate smart agriculture, use of latest technology and capacity building capacity of farmers, soil and water conservation, strengthening of coordination with federal government organisations, donor agencies and human resources development would be the major focused areas under the policy.

Priorities will be given on increasing fish production through replenishment of fish resources in natural water bodies with quality breeds, aquatic research and conservation programme, disease control, genetic, nutrition and co-operative fishing during next three years in the province.

Focus would be made on improvement of coordination and liaison with academia for fisheries research and development, introduction of new and fast growing varieties of fish species and introduction of cage fish culture.

The official said about Rs 22,805,000 would be generated from auction of fishing rights of three units of River Indus, four small dams and reservoirs of public water bodies in the province.

The department has evolved an inclusive plan for determination of fish biodiversity, establishment fish markets linkages and research wing in Fisheries Department.

The official urged farmers and people to take full advantage of the facilities and incentives provided by the government and department is ready to assist them.