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Contamination free cotton

Joint Director of Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute (PCSI), Mian Zawwar Hussain has said a Programme will be launched to promote production of contamination-free and higher grade cotton. “High grade cotton will lead to better quality yarn, cloth production and subsequent exports,” he said. He visited Sukkur Regional Office and Fibre Testing Laboratories. Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute (PCSI) is a body corporate working under the administrative control of this Ministry.

Its functions include classing, grading and standardization of cotton and instrumental classification of cotton to promote quality control of cotton. Mian Zawwar Hussain also inspected the operations at Fibre Testing Laboratories in Mirpur Khas and Sanghar. He also issued instructions to the staff pertaining to the classification of cotton. He said PCSI was established primarily to provide technical training to the growers pertaining to fibre testing of cotton.