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Govt to protect maize growers’ interests

LAHORE – Agriculture Department has been implementing governmental policies for protecting interests of maize growers in the province.

The spokesperson for the department said on Sunday that farmers’ rights protection was top agenda of the government. In a statement, he said that time of sowing of Spring Maize crop has started from last week of January and would end in mid-March.

He said, it is noticed that maize crop production decreased. “It has also been noticed if an agricultural commodity is cultivated to a large extent, its market price collapsed due to imbalance of demand and supply,” he said.

In developed countries, farmers are advised to sow any agricultural commodity to see the trends of the market.

The spokesman further said that as time of maize growing has over now, so farmers who are planning to cultivate it, should go for high value agriculture cultivation or any other profitable crop except maize which suits best as per their environmental conditions.

Maize and its flour are widely used as a staple food in KP and Punjab. For some years, food industries have also increased production of corn porridge, corn meals and corn flakes etc.