New Agri Technology

Crop-boosting AI can benefit many fields

A team from the University of Illinois has stacked together six high-powered algorithms to help researchers make more precise predictions … 0 256
Opinions, Sugar Cane, Water Crisis

Agriculture needs nuance, not witch hunt

Commenting on elite capture of local economy, a leading Pakistani-American economist wrote in a foreign publication that “sugar cane, which … 0 284
More Crops, Organic Farming

Palm oil: Less fertilizer and no herbicide but same yield?

Environmentally friendlier palm oil production could be achieved with less fertilizer and no herbicide, while maintaining profits. These are the … 0 308
International Agriculture News

Argentina’s farmers go ‘carbon neutral’ to retain agriculture markets

Soy and cereal producers from Argentina want to neutralise production chains’ carbon footprints through new Carbon Neutral Programme e are … 0 231
New Agri Technology, Opinions, Precision Farming

How smart can agriculture be

There are many issues that need to be addressed to make the local agriculture tech-friendly Agriculture contributes around 20 per … 0 393
Grid Pin, Pakistan Agriculture News

Digital economy to create 2m jobs, boost GDP to $40b

RAWALPINDI: Digital economy in Pakistan has huge potential for creating 2 million jobs and boosting the country’s Gross Domestic Product … 0 289

Trends That Will Transform The Agriculture And Farming Industry Outlook In 2020

The agriculture industry influences many sectors of the economy locally as well as internationally. From farmers and real estate to … 0 375
International Agriculture News

Egypt’s agriculture exports jump to over 5 million tons in 2019

Egyptian agricultural exports increased to more than five million tons between January and December 2019, according to a report from … 0 230
Climate Change, Pakistan Agriculture News

Agricultural challenges: Declining soil fertility threatens crop production

LAHORE: Owing to the unbalanced and insufficient use of fertilisers, the natural reserves of organic matter in the land has dropped … 0 359

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