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Post Corona World: Rise of the Machines

Only way to control Corona Pandemic is break the human chain. Stay home. Social Distancing. Lock Down.  This has disrupted economies, social setups, lives….

Many are pondering the world beyond corona. Below we list problem arose due to preventive measures due to corona and their possible solution for future.

1. Health care staff became the most vulnerable while treating the infected patients.  Many doctors lost their lives.  Solution robot health care assistant.

2. Police begin deployed to enforce law and order and lock downs, are exposing themselves to the deadly virus can can get infected themselves. Solution Robot police.

3.  Many had to let go of their house help. Old homes became vulnerable due to shortage of caretakers. Solution Personal robot help.

4. Gov heads getting sick, worker cant go to work. No Problem use surrogates..

Above are just few examples how machines can and may enter in to our lives as we learn how to cope with Corona virus. This integration may not be apocalyptic as most movies depict but surly dependency on machines will be more than ever.