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Advisory / Bio-Magnetics

The Master of Bio-Magnetism
Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi
Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi
The Master of Bio-Magnetism

The world is progressing fast. The introduction of new technologies and ideas is the essence of getting synergy in the universal development process. This is particularly true for developing nations who have lagged behind in the latest technology process. In this scenario Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi is a glittering star who not only gave a new theory and model to this world but also gave rise to Pakistan on the top of this globe of technology.

Bio-magnetism is a branch of science that deals with the effect of magnetic field on living and non-living things.

Scientist from all over the world i.e. NASA, USSR and leading European countries worked on it from last 2-3 decades but no one exactly find out the positive results. Finally a brilliant Pakistani scientist Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi solve this mystery and gave his own theory of Bio-magnetism named as "Aurangzeb Hafi's Model of Sectorial Biomegnetics ".

Interview by Pakissan Team at the residence of Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi

Q1. What is the basic Theory of ďModel of Sectorial Bio-magneticĒ

Ans. On the way of scientific evaluation, the concepts of utilizations and interconnections of different phenomenaís, things and disciplines are seemed to be being continuously changed day by day. Numerous disciplines overlap the others to form and shape ' a new science'.

Bio-magnetics--a newly developed science is also a result of the overlapping of two sciences i.e. Biology and Magnetism (Physics). It deals with the scientific study of the biological effects of magnetic fields.

In past, water was only used for (pun chakee), then moving to Boilers, after that man got electricity from it. Same as for air in past history, man just thinking that it is only used for breathing and most of the people could not imagine at that time that air can be used for transferring data, text and pics etc.

Similar in case of magnet, itís only used to attract the iron (past), and then China used it in Compass.

Recently we are talking about the effects of Magnetic Field on living organism in relevance with growth. At the right time one, who is talking about this phenomena looking funny that magnetism can effect the growth of living organisms by enhancing growth, reducing cost of production, reducing use of pesticide and fertilizers by increasing viability of seed.

Q2. Is any one from all over The World get success in this Field of Bio-magnetism?

Ans: No one in this world can solve the above mention theory The NASA as well as The USSR Scientists, It is only a young and energetic research scholar of Pakistan who solved this mystery and gave his Model Magneto-Agricultural Development Model and Sectorial Magnetic Model' & also called as "Aurangzeb Hafi's Model of Sectorial Biomegnetics".

Q3. How long you worked on this Model?

Ans: Dr. Hafi told us that he is working on this theory since 1990ís and finally in 2002 he got the results of his dreams.

Q4. How this model can boost the Agriculture of Pakistan and its Economy?

Ans: By replying this question he said that through this Model we can reduce the cost of production and get benefits up to 40 - 60 % by reducing or even no use of fertilizers and pesticides and better results can be obtained even in barren lands. Seed production by using this technique are viable and resistant to disease and drought conditions.

Q5. Can the model particularly be implemented in the Pakistani Environment?

Ans: It is a perfect model which can be used in any environment and atmospheric conditions. It is equally and easily use on perfect soils as well as on hilly areas and barren lands. This model can be easily handled.

Q6 Can the model be in easy access by a common farmer?

Ans: Yes! Even a common farmer can purchase the required equipments easily. As for its handling, it is the most trouble-free technology and one can effortlessly operate it. It is modified in such a way that it can be put into practice at any place simply.

Q7. In which way it works?

Ans: To answer this question he replied; this tecnology actually works in two directions or fields

1. Seed Production
2. Treated water

For seed production the idea can be easily implemented on any place of farm, it needs a very small place according to the farm area and requirements. These seeds are disease resistant, drought tolerant, less need of fertilization.

As far as the second one i.e. Treated Water one can be confused by this; it means that you implant this tecnology on tube-well or even on irrigation channels very easily, so, water pass through this machine and thus treated water have supremacy to contribute much more as compare to normal irrigation water (which also contain clay and diseases along with it) to fill up the channels and to destroy the crops up to some extent. So this treated water has more power to boost up the crop growth and reduce the cause of diseases as spread by irrigated water.

Q8. What expectations you have from the Government of Pakistan with regards to the implementation of your Model for the improvement of Agri. Production?

Ans: Dr. Hafi told us that he is expecting much more from the Govt. Of Pakistan, and being a true Pakistani he thinks that first right of this model is to use it in Pakistan, and then rest of the world. And it is the Pakistan who is sole in this branch of science that is Bio-magnetism and by this we canít only boost up our agriculture production also we can earn and give a stand to our economy in a way to provide consultancy and products (products of Model).

As he thinks that if he becomes something and invents new technology itís just because of Pakistan. Its only the well wishes of Muslims and his people that he get success in the field of Bio-magnetism.

He also said that if any one from Pakistan either the Government or Private sector wants to collaborate with him he is ready to do work with them.

He told us that he is still waiting from any good response from the Govt. of Pakistan so that he would start his work for the welfare of agri-community of Pakistan and once it would be the strongest in all over the world.

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