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Govt to provide every possible support to rain affected farmers

ISLAMABAD    –     Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan on Friday reiterated government’s firm resolve for providing every possible assistance and compensation to the farmers for their crops affected by the recent torrential rains in different areas of the country.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the minister said that he would visit the affected areas to monitor the ground situation as well as meet the affected farmers and families to asses the damage and ensure swift provision of compensation to these affected farmers.

Mehboob Sultan said that his ministry was in complete liaison with provincial agriculture departments for updates regarding the affected villages and subsequent loss to crops due to recent rains, especially in Punjab.

He said that according to the initial reports received from Punjab Agriculture Department there was no threat to food security in the country or wheat shortage.

Denying the speculation of food security threats, the minister said that the damage to wheat, maize and gram crops was moderate and does not indicate any shortage.

The latest report regarding crop wise affected areas in Punjab shows that the loss and damage occurred in wheat, gram and maize crops was of mild to moderate nature, he remarked.

It was further informed that data for other minor crops was also collected and Punjab agriculture department was working to reach out to all possible areas to gauge the losses. The data from other provinces was yet to be received and a letter to that affect was delivered to relative provincial departments.

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan reiterated that in face of this calamity the government stands by the farmers and there should not be any uncertainty among them.

The minister further said that the government will provide every possible relief to affected farmers.

He added that he will visit the affected areas and it was also directed by Prime Minister that no effort must be spared until the relief is provided to affected farmers and families.

The meteorological department is directed to remain vigilant and maintain steady liaison with provincial agriculture departments so timely weather report may be communicated to farmers.