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Tunnel farming growing in Bajwat

SIALKOT: The trend of tunnel farming is growing among farmers of Bajwat sector near the border.

Naveed Ashraf Gondal, a progressive farmer, said 15 local farmers had established their tunnel farms growing seasonal and non-seasonal crops, including water melon, strawberry, different vegetables like ladyfinger, pumpkin, green chilies, tomatoes.

Gondal said the farmers had established the tunnel farms on a self-help basis without any kind of support from the agricultural department.

“The trend of tunnel farming is growing day by day in these border villages,” he said..

He said that though the tunnel farming technique was expensive than traditional methods, it was giving better returns to farmers.

He said fertile land of 85 Bajwat area villages — stretched between rivers Chenab, Tavi and Jammu — had the potential to feed the entire Sialkot region.