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Lab set up to analyse harmful weeds

MULTAN – Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture (MNSUA) has established a special lab to analyse injurious weeds (dumbi-sitti) for its timely control and to facilitate farmers and getting higher production. This was stated by Dean Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Professor Dr Shafqat Saeed  while talking to APP here on Sunday. He informed that the lab investigate harmful weed “dumbi-sitti” (Phalaris Minor) within period of two weeks  only in the lab and suggest  accurate herbicide for its timely elimination.

The farmers could eliminate the dangerous weed at the earliest and thus improve wheat production  production by 20 to 30 percents. He added that the weed “dumbi-sitti” have different level of resistance in every agriculture field. After  analysis in lab, it is very easy to abolish all sorts of dumbi-sitti. MNSUA suggests accurate herbicide only,  he stated. Dumbi-sitti resembles shape of wheat plant and it served as competitor in consuming fertilizers, said Dr  Shafqat adding that when there would be no dumbi-sitti in the crop, the wheat crop would grow amicably and  farmers would gain more production.

Similarly, the farmers would not pay amounts on different weedicide rather they would spend money  on accurate weedicide, he stated.

About response of farmers towards the newly established lab, Professor Dr Shafqat Saeed stated that  a good number of farmers from south Punjab were submitting samples of dumbi-sitti in MNSUA Lab.

He stated that the results of analysis were shared with farmers through email and courier services.