Pakistan Agriculture News

National farmers convention starts today

PESHAWAR  –   All Pakistan Kissan Convention is to be held at Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, Peshawar from Tuesday (today).

The convention with the theme “Food Security through Water Management” is being held under the policy framework of National Food Security Policy and Pakistan’s Zero hunger program to devise implementable action plans to counter the menacing problems of malnourishment and water shortage.

Almost 200 farmers of small and medium sized land holdings, from across the country, are going to participate in the convention.

This year’s convention is of special significance as the interactive sessions between farmers and agricultural experts will focus on the challenges in achieving food security, effects of climate change, water scarcity and modern irrigation methods.

According to National Policy on Food Security 2018, malnourishment is severe in certain areas of the country with 45 per cent in rural areas, 58 per cent in FATA, 52 per cent in Balochistan and 51 per cent population of Gilgit-Baltistan facing food insecurity and unbalanced diet.

Situation has become further complicated by mismanagement of water resources, making Pakistan a water stressed country with rapid depletion of underground water resources. Climate change is also posing threat of drought to several areas of the country.

This year’s convention will aim to formulate comprehensive work plans to manage these problems. Several technical and financial institutions will hold consultative sessions with the farmers.  The convention will also consist of an agricultural exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and equipment of around 35 organisations.

Field visits have also been arranged for the participants of the convention to various agricultural lands and plantations for demonstration of modern agricultural techniques.