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Awareness vital for water conservation

LAHORE – Provincial Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial on Friday said that Pakistan was among those countries where each drop of water needed to be saved.

According to a handout issued here, he said at the time of the creation of the country there was 5,600 cubic meter water available for each citizen which had now reduced to 1000 cubic meter. The minister said, “By 2025 it will be 800 cubic meter,” adding that Pakistan was at number 7 among the countries facing water shortage challenges.

The minister said it was imperative to start awareness campaign regarding water conservation and added the Punjab Agriculture department was providing all possible facilities to the farmers for sensible use of water available for agriculture. Nauman Ahmad said that under a project worth Rs 67 billion drip and sprinkle irrigation system was being installed on subsidy to facilitate farmers whereas water channels were also being cemented so that water wastage could be reduced.

“Drip irrigation system helps in providing water and fertilizer to the plants at a same time whereas in conventional irrigation system water gets wasted,” he maintained. The minister said the Punjab Agriculture department was also providing assistance to the farmers for the promotion of new technology that was high efficiency irrigation.

He said farmers could contact local offices of farm water management department to benefit from this facility.