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Carelessness in cotton picking can shrink price: CCRI director

MULTAN : Director Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Multan Dr Zahid Mahmood said on Friday that cotton-picking phase has begun and farmers must pick cotton carefully to avoid getting their profit margins slashed. In a statement issued here, the CCRI Multan director said that careless picking of cotton may compromise quality and result in lower returns from the market.

It has been observed that farmers do not pick cotton carefully and keep it on unclean surface that makes it absorb moisture and attract alien particles like parts of unripe bolls, human hair, wrappers of candies, soil, polythene shreds, jute and other kind of contamination.

Mahmood advised farmers not to let such contamination join picked cotton. Moreover, cotton carrying moisture must not be stored as it damages its colour and quality that compromises quality of yarn and fabric. He advised farmers to begin cotton picking during day time after 10 am after its moisture is evaporated. Picking of cotton flowers should be started from bottom to the top of the plant.

Second picking should be done after at least 20 days of first picking. Picked cotton flowers should be kept on clean cotton cloth on a clean place in smaller heaps. Cotton from last picking should be kept separately. Cotton should be kept in storage that is airy and dry. Cotton should be kept at higher places in case of availability of only the open space and should be covered properly to avoid damage by rain.