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Govt urged to build new dams, power stations

PR LAHORE – All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Workers Union (CBA) has asked the federal and provincial governments to join hands for building of new dams and hydel power stations as well as thermal power stations in the public sector. It also called for introducing far reaching reforms in the Power sector by merging all distribution, generation & transmission companies under WAPDA/PEPCO in order to raise their productivity.

The government should also get filled up the 53000 vacant posts in the distribution companies, it demanded, urging the management of PEPCO/distribution companies to bring the contract workers working for years satisfactorily into regular basis in accordance with settlement reached with the union and management at the earliest.

These demands were raised in a large National Conference of the General Body of All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Workers Union (CBA) held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall.

Anser Majeed Khan Niazi, Punjab minister for labour and human resource, and Mian Khalid Mehmood, provincial minister for disaster management, also addressed the conference. They promised that they would take up their demands with federal government.

At this occasion, Khurshid Ahmad, general secretary of the union, presented the detailed report of the activities of the union during the year and urged the WAPDA/electricity workers to perform their work with dedication and help to raise productivity of the national public utilities. He demanded to the management to get implemented decisions taken by the management through settlement reached with the union in order to redress the genuine grievances of the workers and promotion of their welfare.

By a resolution, the house urged the policy makers to follow the footsteps of the Father of the Nation who only drew Rs.1/- from national exchequer and donated his whole property to the welfare of the nation.