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Farmers advised to stop burning of crop residuals

Rawalpindi: Spokesman of Agriculture Department said that Punjab is on the edge due to environmental pollution. Smog causes to effect human health and people have to suffer in case of smog effects.

Spokesman further disclosed that it is recommended that air pollution must not exceed 80 microgram per cubic meter as per standard measure but if same exceeded to 200 microgram per cubic meter in multiple areas then this condition is known to be as Smog.

Dense smog has adverse effect for not only human beings but also for the crops. Due to smog, photosynthesis process in leaves of crops is affected and plants cannot make their necessary food. Plants, under the effect of smoggy clouds, cannot prepare necessary hormones for its growth and per acre yield of crops may effect due to this situation.
The spokesman further says that mitigate the effects of smog, farmers should avoid burning of crop residual e.g rice stubble & cotton sticks burning etc. Instead of burning farmers should mix the crop residual into the soil through deep plough.

In case of smog, farmers should irrigate their crops, gardens and vegetable to a light extent. So that the growth process of crops may not suffer. Farmers should practice to spray crops with water once or twice in a week. It will help them in a sense that smog particles will not accumulate on leaves and photosynthesis process will not effect.