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Construction of dams should be on war-footing basis

ISLAMABAD – Senator Mohsin Aziz said on Monday that the incumbent PTI government has taken up the issue of construction of new dams seriously and started working on them in order to overcome water shortage and energy crisis in the country.

In an interview to Radio Pakistan, senator said the water shortage in the country was reaching at alarming level due to previous governments’ negligence about the crises which posed a serious threat of drought in coming years.

Senator said it was appreciable that Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar started a campaign for this noble cause, adding that we were not in the position to take more loans from international community. It is test of the nation to take part in this fund raising campaign and help the government to construct dams to save our children, he stressed. He said overseas Pakistani community is the asset of the country and they can play an important role in this cause.

Energy expert Dr Sabor Ghayoor said that the construction of new dams on immediate basis was need of the hour as dams are essential for energy production, irrigation and water shortage. He said that by constructing dams on immediate basis we would be able to bring a large barren land under-cultivation, can increase agricultural and industrial output to save fertile lands from turning into a deserts.

“Construction of dams is vital to overcome water crises and if we do not take in time and appropriate measures, we can face worst droughts in coming decades,” he added.

“Water is lifeline for our country and the new government has timely realized the role of water for the survival of Pakistan. On the other hand the government has to educate the masses for effective use of water and its consumption, another energy expert said.

Umer Ayub said construction of new dams is call of the hour and essential for a vibrant economy as Pakistan has overgrown population of over 200 million people and the numbers were increasing rapidly that can pose great threat to underground water reservoirs.

Former MD PEPCO Tahir Basharat Cheema added the government should also depute highly professional team in order to complete the dams within speculated time period.