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PARC, Agritec sign MoU for promoting Ispaghol

Islamabad: A signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding was held at PARC HQs, Islamabad on 30-08-2018 between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad and Agritec Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Multan for promoting Ispaghol (psyllium) Processing Machinery in Hasilpur and Ispaghol growing areas of the Southern Punjab and Sindh provinces for indigenous production of Ispaghol husk.

A delegation from Agritec Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Multan headed by Ch. Shahid Rahim, Chief Executive Officer visited PARC HQs, Islamabad on 30th August, 2018 for the purpose.

Ispaghol Processing Machinery designed and developed by Agricultural Engineering Institute (AEI), NARC/ PARC includes seed cleaner, de-bearder, de-husker, winnower and air classifier. All machines are mounted in a line and the whole process of Ispaghol de-husking is completed step by step. The traditional Ispaghol de-husking process is very dusty and low capacity. This is an improved technology for Ispaghol processing first ever available in the Country.

The Indigenous Ispaghol Machinery can process 2-3 tones Ispaghol seed per day (single shift of 10 hours) and the recovery of Ispaghol husk is about 20%. Earlier, PARC also organized a national seminar in the mid of January, 2018 on indigenous Ispaghol processing machinery at Hasilpure, Bahawalpure. Demonstration of Ispaghol machinery also conducted at the occasion. Farmers, Processors, Multinational Companies, Chamber of Commerce, Line Departments and Parliamentarians attended the seminar and machinery demonstration.

According to the MoU, PARC will provide the production drawing of Ispaghol Processing Machinery as well as the prototype units of different machines to Agritec Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Multan for local manufacturing. PARC will provide technical assistance to Agritec Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Multan in manufacturing of this Ispaghol Processing Machinery.