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PPL discovers oil, gas in Gambat block

KARACHI: Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (PPL), operator of exploratory well in Gambat South Block together with its joint venture partners Government Holdings Private Ltd and Asia Resources Oil Ltd, has discovered hydrocarbons from exploratory well Badeel X-1, located in Sanghar, Sindh.

Initial testing flowed 23.4 million cubic feet per day of gas and 91 barrels per day condensate at a flowing well head pressure of 3,250 pounds per square inch (psi) on 40/64-inch choke.

The well is being flowed at different choke sizes to measure the gas flow rates. The actual flow potential will be determined after completion of the tests.

PPL earlier this month reported discovery of hydrocarbons from the exploratory well Yasar X-1, Sujjawal, Sindh. Furthermore, the company also reported another discovery of hydrocarbons from exploratory well Hub X-1, at Lasbela, Balochistan in July.