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Pakistan 5th largest producer of mangoes , 1.8m produced a year

Consulate of Pakistan in Jeddah in collaboration with Roomi Foods Pakistan organised Emerging Pakistan Mango Branding Event “Chaunsa Pakistani” at the Park Hayyat Hotel Jeddah, with the aim of further enhancing the market share, by value addition through branding premier quality Pakistani Mango – Chaunsa Pakistani, in Saudi Arabia.

The Festival was jointly inaugurated by Mahzen Batterjie Deputy Chairman Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Zaid Bassam Vice Chairman JCCI, Naif Al Sharif Head of Food Committee of Jeddah Chamber, Abdul Razzak Darvesh CEO Manuel Group, Siraj Shirbeni Director Bin Dawood Group, Ali Moez COO Al Raya Group, Saleh Shimrani Head Ministry of Commerce West and the Consul General of Pakistan Shehryar Akbar Khan.

Ali Moez COO Al Raya Group appreciated the Branding Initiative of the Mission and shared that their partnership with Roomi Foods would go a long way to improve bilateral relations. Engg Saleem of Hashim Est Makkah shared their Brand Registration Experience of an Innovative Product for Saudi Market i.e Pakistan Himalayan Salt which had huge potential in Saudi Market.

Remarkable interest and pleasure of the attendees was observed which included dignitaries from the Saudi Public Sector, trade bodies of the Western region of Saudi Arabia, representatives from the food and beverages industry, fruit importers, diplomats and media representatives. In addition to fresh mango and mango cuts, Chef of the Hotel prepared a vast range of sweets with mango such as mango ice cream, mango soufflé, mango mousse, mango trifle, mango tart, mango pudding, mango salad, mango milk-shake, mango lassi, and mango cake, made of freshly-arrived Chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan. Attendees of the festival enjoyed such innovative style of mango preparations, in an environment of thematic instrumental music based on National Songs.

Consul General Mr. Shehryar Akbar Khan, while welcoming the guests, stated that with a production of 1.8 million tons per year, Pakistan was the 5th largest producer of mangoes in the world. He also highlighted that Pakistan was the 6th largest exporter of mangoes, exporting it to 57 countries. However, most mango-lovers believed that the Pakistani mangoes were number 1 in the world in taste.

The Consul General added that there were over 110 varieties of high quality Pakistani mangoes including Sindhri, Anwar Retaul, Lungra, Malda, Dusehri, Fajri, Chaunsa and others. “Chaunsa is the most popular variety – and we are serving the same today,” added the Consul General. He hoped that the invited guests, who tasted Pakistani mangoes and mango-based products, would widely share their experience in quality and taste and help in promoting mangoes to consumers and importers in Saudi Arabia.