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Cotton crop central to Punjab Agriculture

Wasif Khurshid Secretary Agriculture Punjab while presiding over 4th meeting of Cotton Crop Management Group (CCMG) has said that department is striving hard to achieve target of cotton production of 10 million bales.
Secretary Agriculture Punjab said that department is acting on zero tolerance policy against adulterated pesticides and fake fertilizer sales. In this regards, Pesticide Inspectors since January 2018 made possible 5 raids and registered 5 FIR against persons while confiscated more million adulterated pesticides.

Wasif Khurshid was of the view that cotton bumper crop during this financial year is top priority of Government of Punjab because whole economy depends on its high production. He disclosed that Government has provided approved varieties of cotton seed up to 50% subsidized rate and also providing subsidy voucher @Rs.700 per cotton bag to core area of cotton growers and more than 22 thousand farmers are benefited. More that Rs.14 Million is being spent for provision of Agricultural Machinery to cotton growers.

To save cotton crop against Pink Bollworm attack, Rs.96.2 Million spent on PB Ropes that was installed on 50 districts of Punjab on 50 acre blocks. What is more, Government of Punjab provided 110,000 smart phones to the farmers equipped with special applications through which extension services are being provided to cotton growers and other crops. For Cotton high yield seed production Rs.350.889 million is being spent on “Commissioned Research Program”.

For White fly control, Government of Punjab is spending Rs.39.612 Million to provide genetic modified varieties of cotton crop. In nut shell, Government of Punjab is taking many measure to boost up cotton production and save cotton industry. Secretary Agriculture Punjab also disclosed that to provide best facilities to cotton growers, this year cotton inspectors training session was also completed and distribute more than 0.4 million literature about latest production technology of cotton crop at village level.

In this meeting, MEPCO, Irrigation and all other allied department also briefed Secretary Agriculture, Punjab about situation of water & electricity supplies to cotton growers. Secretary Agriculture Punjab also disclosed that save cotton crop from rain water, department has also completed Rain water pilot project with cost of Rs.60 million.