Pakistan Agriculture News

Dams of Agriculture

All in average about 70% of our population live in rural areas and are directly involved in agricultural activities. And according to media reports the expect increase in population will pt tremendous pressure on water supplies for domestic needs, and particularly agriculture similarly for last few years our country is assail by a big danger the desertification of its agriculture along with drought.

This situation is practically of our own making and partially of climate change.

However, the desertification of fertile soil and the water shortage would probably cause extreme sadness and destruction in domestic and agricultural needs.

It can only be prevent through a water management emergency and dams. Unluckily Pakistan lack dams and for last few years Pakistan has made no efforts for dam construction whereas India surpass us in this regard. Also the Asian development Bank has reported that Pakistan was on the verge of being classified as a Water Scare country.

Moreover, at the present Pakistan’s shortage capacity is limited to only 30 days of supply and being a bad news for me and for nation. But for now I can only remind and request authorities to please fill the need of more dams, both run-of- the rivers as well as shortage, to store water for agriculture.

This May prevent a big disaster to enter and improve agricultural reforms.


Kech, July 7.