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Pak Horticulture sector could achieve over $6b of exports

Pakistan could achieve over $6 billion of fruits and vegetable exports in a decade time frame. The up-coming federal government will chalk out a policy for the development of the Horticulture sector.

This was stated by the Patron–in–Chief of All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) and Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

He said, “By adopting this vision the current export revenue of fruits and vegetables can be enhanced to one billion dollars within two years, $3.5 billion in the span of 5 years and $6 billion within a period of a decade.”
A consultative process with all stakeholders of the Horticulture sector across the country has already been concluded with a view to developing a 10 years’ roadmap to enhance export of fruits and vegetables.

The roadmap for the development of the Horticulture sector would be chalked out before the General Election 2018.

Waheed Ahmed said, in light of the recommendations compiled by the experts of the sector giving a final shape to the roadmap in the form of policy documentation, it would be sent to the Federal, Provincial Governments including all political parties of the country contesting in the General Election so that formation of new federal and provincial governments emerging as a result of general election can ensure strict implementation of these realistic recommendations for uplift of this important sector which would subsequently provide adequate support to the sluggish economy of the country and in particular assist in establishment of Agriculture economy on strong foundations..

The roadmap has already been developed jointly with mutual extensive efforts of the FPCCI and PFVA. To transform this roadmap in the form of policy documentation, a national conference titled –“Pakistan Horticulture Vision 2030” (PHV-2030).

The tedious and laborious process of detailed consultative meetings with stakeholders of all the provinces in this context has already been concluded which also included consultations with Ministers and Secrecies of the concerned Government Departments of the sector.

The experts of specific sectors during PHV-2030 would propose short, medium and long-term strategies keeping in view the feedbacks of the stakeholders and challenges of the Horticulture sector.
Waheed Ahmed said, a curtain-raising ceremony of this important event “Pakistan Horticulture vision -2030” would be held here on 7th July in the Federation House and economic experts from all the political parties would also participate.

During the inaugural ceremony of the event, the economic experts from all political parties would apprise the objectives, aims and benefits of road map of the sector and emphasize that all the political parties must include these realistic recommendations in their manifesto and highlight the same during their election campaigns as well, the likely economic advantages in our country can get by development of the Horticulture sector.

The Pakistan Horticulture Vision-2030 (HV-2030) would be of great assistance to the Federal and Provincial Governments emerging as a result of the general election to put the country on the path of development and stability.
The new Federal and provincial governments would certainly be in a better position to implement a policy of the sector which would lead to foreign investment in the country and enhance export of fruits and vegetables by improving yield per acre and quality of the agri-produces.

Waheed Ahmed further informed that the Horticulture vision -2030 is a comprehensive research-based project being launched first time by a private sector which includes proposals and consultations from local and foreign experts. Through PHV-2030, the Agriculture sector of Pakistan, particularly horticulture sector from the production of fruits and vegetables to its transportation and export, the entire supply chain would be modernized and made more effective.

The compiled roadmap being an integral part of this vision when effectively implemented would create new job opportunities for about 5 million people while the wages earned by the people associated with Agriculture and Horticulture sectors can also be enhanced five times to the current wages by providing better training and improved efficiency.

The roadmap complied by the PFVA would also become a source of fetching a foreign investment of one billion dollars within a period of 10 years which would attract local investors from other sectors and Industries as well, Waheed added.

The political parties have highly appreciated the sincere efforts behind the concept of PHV-2030 and accordingly, the parties have shown their willingness as well keen interest to include recommendations of this vision in their manifesto and future policies.