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Aptma wants power, gas at cheaper rates

ISLAMABAD – All Pakistan Textile Mills Association [APTMA) has said that electricity and gas is being supplied at much cheaper rates to industry in neighbouring countries like India and Bangladesh as compared to Pakistan.

In a meeting with Minister of Energy, Syed Ali Zafar, Aptma representatives requested that their quota of system gas should be increased.

The representative of Aptma made a detailed presentation on textile sector and different issues relating to energy supply to the sector were also discussed in detail. The minister apprised the participants that he is committed to facilitate the industry within the mandate of caretaker government.

The Aptma representatives stressed that like Bangladesh, Pakistan should also facilitate its textile sector which will significantly increase exports. They said that due to uncertain situation in the textile sector, investors have not invested on extension/ modernization of their industrial plants.

They requested that price of gas for industries should be same in the country and there should be a WACG (Weighted Average Cost of Gas) formula for textile sector.

They further requested that their quota of system gas should be increased.

It was apprised to the participants that WACG formula cannot be implemented now as interpretation of Article 158 of the Constitution is pending in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, same may be considered after final decision of the honourable court on the subject.

Further, SNGPL MD informed that due to shortage of gas, it is not possible to increase the quota of system gas for the time being. At the end, the minister suggested the delegates to hold meetings with concerned departments to draft viable proposals which may minimize challenges confronted by textile sector.

He assured that he would take every possible step for growth and development of textile sector.