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Farmers advised to sow certified varieties of paddy

ISLAMABAD – Punjab agriculture department has advised the farmers to sow certified varieties of paddy for getting maximum yield.

The spokesman of the department Najaf Abbas said that the certified varieties of paddy include KS-282, ARI 9, ARI 6, and Nayyab 2013 while Basmati varieties include Super basmati, Basmati 515, Chenab basmati, Nayyab basmati 2016 and Noor basmati. He said that hybrid varieties include Y-26, Pride-1, Shehan Shah-2 and PHB-71, Radio Pakistan reported.

The spokesman said that unsuitable varieties include Super fine, Kashmira, Malta and Hero. The farmers should not sow unsuitable varieties at all because rice produced through these varieties is not of good quality, he added.