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Total cotton output 11.58m bales: PCGA

MULTAN : Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) Thursday issued its final cotton report showing national cotton production at 11.581 million bales this year.

Seed cotton (phutti) equivalent to 11.581 million bales had reached ginneries across Pakistan till May 1, 2018, said the final fortnightly report of PCGA. Out of total arrivals, over 11.578 million or 11,578,935 bales had undergone the ginning process. Arrivals in Punjab were recorded at 7.32 million, while in Sindh, the arrivals were recorded at 4.25 million bales.

Total sold out bales were recorded at 11.3 million bales including 11.08 million bales bought by textile mills and another 216,615 bales purchased by exporters. Exactly 279,894 bales were still lying with the ginneries as unsold stock. Sanghar district of Sindh continued to remain on top with cotton arrival figures of 1.383 million bales till May 1, 2018.

Rahimyar Khan and Bahawalpur in Punjab secured second, and third places by recording arrivals of 1,073,190 bales, and 1,029,043 bales, respectively. The report does not include cotton figures from district Kasur and the comparative analysis as the PCGA could not get data from there.