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PARC presents 14 seed varieties for approval

ISLAMABAD – The Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) on Oil Seed and Sugarcane has presented 14 varieties for approval to enhance the per acre sugarcane output as well as as oil seed to reduce the huge import bill of the commodity.

The varieties presented at Pakistan Agricultural Research Council included canola, rapeseed and mustard, groundnut, sunflower, sesame and sugarcane.

According to a handout, the participants highlighted the role of quality seed for the productivity and profitability of farmers and appreciated the role of public and private organisations for making efforts to improve the potential of hybrids/varieties of oilseed crops in Pakistan.

Under the provision of Seed Rules 2016, the Standard Operating Procedures for the management of National Uniform Yield Trials and related business were also presented along-with the standards for evaluation of hybrids/varieties of oilseed/sugarcane crops for evaluating the hybrids/varieties to be implemented from the upcoming crop season.

The participants appreciated the role of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council for devising a transparent procedure and setting the new bench marks for testing of hybrids/varieties in Pakistan for the benefits of farmers as well as oilseeds/sugarcane sector in Pakistan.

Dr Waseem, Crops Commissioner NFSR & Adviser Department of Plant Protection and DG, Federal Seed Certification also participant of the meeting.