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Crop competition to improve production with agri dept help

Rawalpindi: Muhammad Mahmood, Secretary Agriculture, Punjab has said that revolution in agriculture sector is possible only because of modern agricultural research. At present, agriculture sector is contributing 60 to 70% of exports nationwide, therefore, need of time is to work in agriculture sector on modern basis for its development. At present, we are facing climate change in country and passing through age of transition as after some years ago some varieties of crops may be extinct due to on-going climate transformation.

Keeping in view, Agriculture Department has established “Climate Change Center” at Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad so that effect of climate change could be accurately determined regrading agricultural crops. Apart from it, Agriculture Department is now researching about such varieties of cotton and other crops that have inherit ability to bear more heat and also such varieties that can give high yield by use of minimal water.

Special attention is being focused to produce full yield of future cotton crop. This is one of the major decision to save production of upcoming cotton crop against insect and pest attack particularly pink as early sowing of cotton crop act as a breading nursery for Pink Bollworm.

The step was taken after consultations with cotton scientists and other experts. Mahmood further says that earlier sowing practice of cotton not only invites sucking pest on the standing crop but also creates hurdles in the official annual production target.

The Secretary also disclosed that 25 Institute under banner of AARI, Faisalabad are engaged in research day and night, so that, farmers can get informed about modern agricultural research/ latest production technology.
Till yet, Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad has discovered more than 500 new varieties of fruits, vegetables and agriculture commodities for the farming community. Agriculture Department is busy for the welfare of farmers so that they can increase per acre yield and agriculture sector become most profitable sector of our society.

Muhammad Mahmood, Secretary Agriculture Punjab has also said that this ceremony will prove an instrument to initiate a stimulus among farming community to lead one another regarding crop production and ultimately this healthy competition will pay a result of increased crop productivity in province.