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Water wastage issues highlighted

LAHORE – To commemorate the celebration of World Water Day, Nestlé Pakistan joined hands with Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) to highlight water wastage issues faced in the country due to poor agriculture practices.

The event marked the official inauguration of a project to find solutions to avoid water wastage in agricultural practices, focusing on finding innovative answers for efficient and effect water management.

The world over, about 70% of water is used in agriculture. In Pakistan, that percentage stands at 90%, with 50% wastage due to poor irrigation methods. This wastage of water needs to end by means of better practices to save generation from water scarcity. Under this partnership Nestlé Pakistan is enhancing PARC’s technical capacity through installation of drip irrigation systems which is proven way to revive and increase crop production. The delivery line network would cover around six (6) acre crop site.

Minister of National Food Security & Research Fazal Abbas Makan said, “Water scarcity is a huge challenge we face today. However instead of focusing on the negatives, we should focus on the positive and the utilise the opportunities presented in addressing this challenge.”

Dr Yusuf Zafar, chairperson PARC said: “Our partnership with Nestlé Pakistan is an excellent example of the role public-private partnerships can play important role in addressing the water challenge being faced by Pakistan.”