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Farmers advised to sow quality cotton seed

LAHORE – Agriculture Department is striving hard to achieve target of cotton sowing on an area of six million acre, says its spokesperson here Sunday.

The spokesperson advised growers to sow cotton seed of approved varieties.

The department already announced approved cotton varieties, he added. The spokesperson disclosed that government would ensure the availability of required quantity of certified cotton seed in the market for commercial cultivation.

“There is no deficiency of quality seed at all,” he said.

Growers are advised to use six to eight kg seed per acre which having 75 per cent of growing intensity. It is highly recommended to cultivate 10 per cent area of the total non-BT varieties and this practice will discourage to build up immunity of harmful pests and insects of cotton crop, he said.

“For cotton cultivation, growers should choose such land which is porous and mange to filter air properly and this kind of soil is extremely essential for cotton growth as having capacity for the growth of roots of cotton to fully expand internally,” the spokesman said.