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Exporters for setting up dates processing plant

PR KARACHI – On the directives of TDAP secretary, TDAP Sukkur office, with the collaboration of district government Khairpur, arranged a meeting of date exporters and traders with secretary of TDAP at Darbar Hall, Deputy Commissioner Khairpur office.

The meeting was attended by date exporters and traders from Sukkur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Khairpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Agha Qadirdad. The exporters of Sukkur region requested Secretary TDAP for the establishment of dates processing plant and a research institute facility. They also said that the exporters of Sukkur region cannot compete at international level and therefore the participation of date exporters in international exhibitions and delegations of TDAP at a relaxed merit policy is imperative in order to fully tap the potential of their region. The exporters also requested secretary TDAP to support the import of new varieties of dates that may be cultivated in the Sukkur region. They informed that only one exportable variety (named as ‘Assel’) is grown in their region which is only consumed in syrups and paste manufacturing. In international markets, ‘Assel’ due to its short shelf-life is not acceptable as a table fruit which ultimately affects the date exports. Dates’ share in foreign exchange can be increased by exporting date as a table fruit. They also demanded a processing plant including cold storage facility with complete supply chain. General secretary Sukkur Chamber of Commerce & Industry proposed that TDAP may allocate quota for the exporters of Sukkur region in international exhibitions, fairs and delegations. He also suggested that new date exportersfrom Sukkur region may be provided international exposure and some delegations may be organized for India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Secretary TDAP said that the date exporters should have some foreign visits as the travel history of foreign visits in their passports will facilitate visa affixation for European and other countries. Secretary TDAP further said that TDAP and Ministry of Commerce may provide funds for a Research Center, a Tissue Culture Laboratory and a Date Processing Plant including cold storage facility with complete supply chain. However, it will be a one-time investment on part of the Ministry of Commerce and TDAP after which the trade associations will be responsible for all operational activities of their proposed projects. Secretary TDAP asked the date exporters to provide comprehensive proposals and budgetary requirements of funds allocation from EDF. Later, Secretary TDAP visited New Lal Shahbaz date factory in Khairpur Khajoor market and Nadeem Date Factory in Thehri.

He praised their efforts and hard work.