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Farmers urged to adopt tunnel tech to grow off-season vegetables

Faisalabad: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to adopt tunnel technology to grow off-season vegetables.
According to a spokesman of Agriculture Extension Department, progressive farmers were earning good income by adopting the tunnel technology .

He said that it was impossible for growers to grow summer vegetables during chill hours and winter vegetables during hot season. However, the off-season vegetables could be grown easily and successfully in tunnels.

He said the vegetables grown through tunnel technology were covered by green fiber sheets to protect them from severe cold and frost or scorching heat. With the intensive care, the farmers can get early production of the off-season vegetables and earn more income than seasonal vegetables, he added.

He recommended the vegetable growers to get proper training of tunnel farming. Well fertile loamy soils having better drainage are the best for the cultivation of off-season vegetables, he added.—APP