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Sindh farmers seek agriculture policy

HYDERABAD: The Sindh Abadgar Board (SAB) on Saturday demanded an agriculture policy for the province.

The body also sought the activation of the provincial irrigation system and enhancement in the agri research budget.

The monthly meeting was chaired by SAB President Abdul Majeed Nizamani and attended by Dr Bashir Nizamani, Mahmood Nawaz Shah, Dr Zulfikar Yousfani, Azam Rind, Aslam Nawaz Marri, Yar Mohammad Leghari and others.

SAB members expressed concern over the withdrawal of duty and sales tax on import of cotton and delay in finding out a permanent solution to sugar cane crisis. The meeting resolved to devise a strategy for the sugarcane pricing issue, including legal course.

SAB advised farmers to submit their written complaints before the Sindh Cane Commissioner if they are not receiving Rs160/40kg sugarcane price or face deduction/delay in payment. In this regard, SAB has established a complaint cell.

The meeting expressed concern over water shortage at Kotri barrage and non-availability of water even for livestock.

The board noted that the dilapidated irrigation system in Sindh was partially to blame. SAB suggested that regulators of the system should be activated and gauges should be installed.

The meeting called for an end to water shortage and demanded action against those who had installed direct pipes in canals.

Inspection paths of canals should be improved with tree plantation, SAB members suggested.

SAB also decided to hold seminar on the state of irrigation system in the province.

It expressed grave concern over the fact that Sindh doesn’t have agriculture policy with the result that the agrarian economy was adversely affected.

The present situation necessitates introduction of agriculture policy for Sindh, the meeting stressed.

It said that research budget should be enhanced from present 0.6 per cent in order to introduce innovation and research officers should collaborate with farmers for research activities.

The meeting noted that the agro-commodities’ marketing is not taking place properly and farmers are not getting adequate prices for their produce because of commission agents.

SAB said that commission should be capped at 5pc.