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Punjab govt promotes cultivation of new profitable crops

Agriculture Department has decided to start the campaign for increasing the cultivation of Moringa. In this context, seminars was organized by Agri Tourism Development of Pakistan in which Muhammad Mahmood, Secretary of Agriculture Punjab attended this special event. During this seminar Secretary Agriculture was briefed by experts about the importance of Moringa cultivation that Moringa (Sohanjana) is known as a charismatic plant in the world. Its use is through saving from diseases and its oil utensils like olive oil.

The farmers who cultivates soyanjana cannot only increase soil fertility but also the animals can use it as fodder Moringa is also useful in relief of blood pressure, cholesterol, joints and bones, nutritional etc. as it has medicinal value as well. Moringa (Sohanjna) leaves are found more than twice as much protein as possible.

Moringa is also important source of many types of vitamins. If Moringa tree planted in February and March, it seems to be a year later, seeds of good variety with full of transparent oil as it is very good in oil quality and equivalent to olive oil also used as edible oil.

On this occasion, Muhammad Mahmood said that Agriculture Department is promoting the cultivation of new profitable crops according to climate change, and supports every step for the welfare of farmers, which can increase the income of farmers. Farmers can earn more profits in less time by cultivation of Moringa and it can also be used as edible oil. Secretary Agriculture has also directed researchers and experts that they should start awareness campaign for the promotion of Moringa by disseminating information among farmers about its utility and importance. Secretary Agriculture, Punjab, also planted the vegetation of Sohanjana, and later visited Buffalo Research Institute Pattokie.