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Issue of sugarcane being dealt under provincial acts

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikander Hayat Bosan Thursday addressed a press conference at Ministry of National food Security and Research to discuss sugarcane subsidy issue .

While talking to media persons, he said federal government announced subsidy on sugar, not sugarcane . Federal government will provide subsidy on sugar export. The blame of Sindh government that federal government did not provide subsidy on sugarcane is wrong and baseless. The issue of sugarcane is being dealt under provincial Sugarcane Acts. “I have clarified this issue to various provincial organizations.” He also mentioned that on wheat there is subsidy of fifty-fifty between federal and provinces. However, on sugar federal government is providing complete subsidy.

While responding to questions, he said, “We do not have complete list of mills that are not buying sugarcane on fixed price of Rs180.” He also said that we would take up this matter with provincial chief ministers. He also told the media persons, “Demand of sugarcane in the country is 5.3m tons while we are producing 7.5m tons.” He also highlighted that eighteenth amendment was a tragedy for agriculture sector.–Staff Reporter