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Pakistan can become leader in global halal trade

LAHORE – Livestock is an integral part of agriculture sector of Pakistan and has the potential to get huge share in the international halal trade of over $ 300 billion. Government should formulate favorable policies for livestock sector which has 55.9 percent and 11.8 percent share in agriculture and GDP respectively.

These views were exchanged between LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid, who was heading a delegation to the Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company’s (PAMCO) sate-of-the art slaughterhouse, and PAMCO Chairman Mumtaz Khan Manais.

Chairman PAMCO gave detailed briefing to the LCCI delegation about PAMCO’s efforts and sought its help for promotion of halal exports. He said that PAMCO has engaged itself to enhance quality production, processing, value addition, marketing & supply chain of meat, livestock, agriculture products & by-products for local & export markets. He said that company is providing trainings & technical backstopping at all stages of the integrated meat & agriculture value chains. He informed the LCCI delegation that 6000 small and 600 big animals are being slaughtered daily at the PAMCO’s slaughterhouse while meat is being processed hygienically by latest technology and modern machinery.

LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid lauded the performance and efforts of PAMCO for boosting the livestock sector of Pakistan and assured his full support to the company saying that the LCCI is ready to hold seminars and workshops in collaboration with PAMCO. He said that despite various challenges, livestock sector is already actively contributing to the national economy. He said that livestock is the biggest economic activity in rural areas and major source of women empowerment. He said that livestock sector is producing its own energy by biogas.

He said that government should join hands with private sector to secure huge share in international Halal trade. He said that demand of meat in the world will double in the next two decades and Pakistan has all resources to become a global leader in this particular sector. He said that Halal Food has become billions dollar global economy today, wherein Pakistan’s share is still insignificant. It is high time for Pakistan’s economy to get a boost not by getting aids from foreign countries but by exploiting the untapped potential of Halal foods that has created a brand new Global Halal Economy in the world.

He said that Halal global economy includes all types of food and non- food products ranging from food and food ingredients, all types of beverages, cosmetics & beauty products, and a host of services including banking & takaful etc. The ‘Halal Label’ is recognized in the world as a symbol of “Good Quality Product”; therefore, non-Muslims are also buying products bearing the Halal Logo.

The LCCI President said that today a much bigger share of Halal business is in the hands of non-Muslims and they are utilizing the Halal brand to their economic benefit. Pakistan being an Islamic country has to understand the importance of Halal Certification to get the Halal branding, as this would boost our exports and help us transform the face of Pakistan ‘s economy.

“The total worth of global Halal trade is well over $300 billion. If Pakistan is able to attain only 10% share of this trade then we can expand our exports easily by 30 billion. It is high time that all the public and private sectors organizations should work hand in hand to materialize this objective”, the LCCI president added.