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Rice growers, millers urged to promote sustainable production

Rice growers, exporters and millers were stressed to promote the sustainable production of the commodity in order to meet the growing demand of international market.

This was stated by Director Van Sillevoldt Rijst (VSR) Netherland, Henk Verschoor who visited the Rice Partners Pvt Ltd (RPL) plant in Muridke here on Sunday. During his visit, Henk Verschoor had interaction with RPL staff and said he was really impressed to see the RPL sustainable rice production programme.

He said the international rice clients, especially from European Union countries are more interested to procure Pakistani Super Basmati rice as the people from EU are fond of eating tasty, delicate and fragrant rice that is specifically produced in Pakistan.

Henk also visited farmer’s field and had interaction with them, talking to the farmers he said Super Basmati Rice is very important to EU, as their people are very much fond of eating rice.

He paid tribute to the rice growers saying that they play an important part in producing grains for consumption of the people and when they buy rice from farmers, it will help them to earn their livelihoods.

He proposed the farmers to adopt good agricultural practices to boost their per acre yield. He also urged all millers to keep interaction with farmers and listen to them as they are an integral part of their business.

He said that he was happy to see that RPL has maintained a very close relation with the farmers and is giving them technical guidance, inputs to grow good rice crop.

Talking to the farmers and RPL management, VSR official said, now the world and EU will focus on sustainable sourcing from the rice-growing countries as RPL from Pakistan is already providing sustainable rice in the global market. He emphasized other rice millers to follow the RPL programme to grow sustainable rice.