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Pakistan seeks Japan investment in $4b power distribution market

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari has invited Japanese companies and investors to explore and invest in the $4-billion power distribution market in Pakistan by focusing on modern technological solutions in service delivery to the consumers.

Speaking at a meeting with Japan Ambassador Takashi Kurai on Wednesday, Leghari highlighted the importance of service delivery in the electricity distribution network.

Since the government had bridged the demand and supply gap following the start of many new power generation projects, the emphasis was fast shifting towards electricity supply to end-consumers with service delivery of international standards, he said.

The minister pointed out that the government was now considering bringing in the private sector for better service delivery.

As the distribution network and associated gadgets could not catch up with modern technological advancement and state-owned power distribution companies did not have enough investment, the minister emphasised that there was an opportunity for public-private partnership to take centre stage.

The government is also considering multiple options with a high rate of return on investments.

He appreciated the existing level of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the power sector.

The minister underlined the need for Japanese assistance in capacity building of human resources at different levels of the power sector. In this regard, he directed the Power Division to work in close liaison with the Japan embassy.

Leghari also sought Japanese assistance in preparing policy documents and framing future energy plans. “Pakistan and Japan are close friends and have common views on a number of issues at the international level,” he said.

He particularly mentioned the Japanese assistance in the expansion of transmission network in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Takashi underscored the need for ramping up existing cooperation between the two countries. “Japan will continue to provide assistance to Pakistan in different fields. Japan and Pakistan have undertaken many good projects in power sector as well,” the envoy said.

He pointed out that Japanese companies and investors were closely looking at the potential and rate of return in the power sector. Many companies are now showing interest in investing in the sector.

The envoy particularly mentioned the recent cooperation between Pakistan and Japan in the laying of Islamabad-Burhan power transmission line.