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Gwadar needs fisheries processing center to increase sea-food exports

Chairman, Regional Standing Committee, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Ahmad Jawad has suggested urgent establishment of fisheries processing centers in Gwadar.
“The facility will not only add value to local fishery products, mainly sea-food but also improve well-being of locals,” he said in a statement issued Friday.

The FPCCI official said the facility at Gwadar was crucial for country at large as it has the potential to become a major producer of seafood, not only for local consumption but also for the global market.

“There are nearly 400,000 people who are directly engaged in fishing sector across the country while another 600,000 in the ancillary industries,” said Ahmad Jawad.

He said a full-fledged and a fair policy was also needed to facilitate the million dollars fishing industry as this could also help to increase country’s dwindling export position.

Jawad, with a vast experience in issues related to food safety and also in exports of food goods, said ineffective cold chain, low standards in traceability (tracking the supplier, date and time of transactions) are major hindrances in strengthening fishing sector.

“It is because of these hindrances that an industry which can earn valuable foreign exchange and create a huge job market is presently contributory to a dismal one percent to our GDP,” he said.