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Subsidy on DAP fertilizer being provided in transparent manner

Spokesman of Agriculture Department Punjab said that Under Khadam-E- Punjab Kissan package, government is being provided subsidy on DAP fertilizer to 52 lakh farmers in Punjab. Provision of DAP to the farmers continues in a transparent way.
To ensure transparency 100 percent of all vouchers that are not packed with fertilizer bags have been blocked. Just registered farmers can get advantage of this subsidy scheme. The registration process has been made very simple and transparent for farmers.

Farmers have only to make a call on toll free numbers of Agriculture Helpline i.e. 0800-15000 & 0800-29000 and provide detail of their identity card and other required information for get themselves registered.
Spokesman of Agriculture Department further disclose that any fertilizer dealer or any other person except registered farmer cannot get all the money outstanding because it cannot cash without subsidy vouchers, ID card and verification message.

All such companies has been banned which didn’t act under law/policy of Government and their vouchers have also been blocked along with initiate of other investigation against them. When the voucher is attached with fertilizer bag, the chances of any impurity will be diminished. Spokesman further says that price fluctuation of fertilizer co-relate with international market.

Government of Punjab started to provide this subsidy scheme since July 2017 when different companies, at that time, were selling from Rs.2638 to Rs.2670 per bag.