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CPEC turned into nucleus for investment in Pakistan

BEIJING: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz has said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has become a nucleus for foreign investment in Pakistan.

While addressing the international think tank symposium regarding 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China here on Thursday, he said that historic BRI is a wise innovative to give a new positive push to globalisation.

He viewed that 19th National Congress of CPC has become a road-map of prosperity not only for the Chinese people but for the entire world who are looking for sustainable prosperity on a larger scale on a longer basis.

He said that 19th National Congress has set a direction of Chinese domestic and its international affairs’ policies.

About CPEC, he further said it serves as a magnet for international investment in Pakistan as country’s economic indicators were also getting better day by day.

Through CPEC, China and Pakistan were getting historical opportunities to get the new connectivity routes with Africa, Europe and other regions.

It has become a big source for the creation of jobs, the revival of industries and prosperity not only for Pakistan but the entire region, he added.

Benefits of CPEC were leaving an extremely positive impact on lives of Pakistani people, its infrastructure and services sector will also bring a real and long-lasting change, he added.

Aziz added, excitement of CPEC is at peak not only for common Pakistani citizens but for the business community as well as it has started providing benefits to the society.

Whereas the BRI has changed the overall narrative and paradigm of development and prosperity in the entire region.

The Pakistani society is looking for more developmental projects under this initiative for sustainable growth of the economy.

Meanwhile, while delivering a keynote speech, Political Bureau member and CPC Secretariat, CPC Publicity Department Minister Huang Kunming said that remarkable results and achievements of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping have shown the commitment towards the ultimate prosperous society.

CPC attached more importance for providing the better lives to the Chinese people and to the developing economies at the same time.

Xi has made decisive contributions by leading the party and Chinese nation towards the path of rejuvenation and prosperous China.

In the 19th National Congress Xi has laid a roadmap for the future which has gained the attention of international community following the message of common development of the mankind.

Boao Forum for Asia Chairman Yasuo Fukuda, National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Ning Jizhe and other significant speakers also delivered important speeches about the significance of the 19th National Congress of CPC and its implications for China and the world as a whole.

Source Pakistan Today