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Pakistan soon to export seafood to Xinjiang

Pakistan will soon be exporting seafood to the Xinjiang Uygur, an autonomous region in the north-west of China. The transport will use the land route that China will use to ship oil and natural gas from the Middle East.

According to the  China Daily, the frozen seafood will depart on a more than 1500 kilometre journey from Pakistan’s Gwadar Port on the shores of the Arabian Sea in container trucks and enter China via the Khunjerab Pass, a land port in southern Xinjiang’s Kashgar prefecture.

After a successful trial last month, regular shipments will commence on April 1, according to Mufeng Biological Technology, which will ship products from its cold-storage distribution centre near Khunjerab, a seasonal port open eight months of the year.

Last month, the company shipped 7.46 metric tons of seafood, including squid, shrimp, pomfret and bonefish, from Khunjerab to be sold at markets in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, as well as Beijing and Shanghai. “We will focus on importing seafood that is in highest demand in Xinjiang,” Chen Haiou, the company chairman. said.

Source Pakistan Today