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Livestock/ Non Traditional Farming


Raising Silkworms & Harvesting Cocoons
Silkworms are really not worms at all. silk worms are the larvae of ‘bombyx mori’ moths & silkworms are actually domesticated insects.

An ostrich is worth its weight in gold
More than 100 countries have commenced ostrich farming just within three years and they consider it to be worth its weight in gold by saying that it is a cow that lays eggs.

II. Milk Production
When discussing milk and lactation in general, two aspects must be taken in to account. The first is the amount of milk produced per day & per lactation period.

Camel milk: What possible importance can camel milk have in the year 1981 in a world beset with a multitude of problems.

Rabbit Farming for Meat
To fulfill the food demand for growing population, we have to find out different ways of food production. The rabbit known as "Micro-Livestock".

Domestic Ducks
From ancient times domestic ducks have served as a source of food and income for people in many parts of the world.

Yilan duck farmer produces prize-winning poultry
Making the best of Yilan County’s geographical edge is the recipe for breeding the most flavorful cherry ducks.

Duck Farming: Starting Out on Your Experience
Duck farming can be a rewarding experience for you. For some, it has even become more than just a means of livelihood.

Quail farming
Quail along with chickens, pheasants and partridges belong to the Family Phasianoidea of Order Galliformes of the Class Aves of the Animal Kingdom.

Quail farming is good for meat production
Quail farming can offer numerous benefits in terms of meat production, nutrition, and eggs. Salient features of quail farming with nutritive composition of its meat and eggs can be summed as:

Quality wool production

Although there is a strong need in Pakistan for wool and mutton development, no serious efforts have so far been made in this regard because of resource constraints.

Diseases Of Turtles
Diseases mean anything that causes Dis-ease, anything that is deviating from normal is count under the heading of disease.;



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